Log cabins


Log cabins are very easy to assemble and erect. It takes just one or two days to build them on the foundation.

Technical information

House construct

Size of Log cabin could be from 2x2 m till 5x5 m. Thickness of wooden balks - 45-90 mm;
  • Type of wood – Northern pine;
  • Moisture content in balks - 19 %;
  • Balks are planed and fitted one into another;
  • Balks are impregnated and protected against atmospheric impact;
  • eco-friendly paint is available upon a customer’s request;
  • House walls can be jacketed for warmth keeping;
  • Roof structures are supplied together with the house construct (joists, beams).
Additional completing units
(as requested)
  • Foundation;
  • Roof covering;
  • Windows, doors;
  • Warmth-keeping materials.